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On Ebay May 2010
Seller info: silverfox100_0

Lotus Esprit full size mould - used as James Bond prop

This may be a bit specialist and not sure if it is of use to anyone. I have for sale a full size mould of the Esprit. I am selling this on behalf of a friend and having spoken to them, they inform me that this is actually a mould used to produce the James Bond lotus for the film 'The Spy who loved me'. This allows an exact replica of the body shell to be made in fibreglass. It could be useful for replacement body panel production or race body, maybe even kit car manufacture. It was bought with this in mind some years ago, but never went through with it.

It does not include the moulding for the doors or engine lid. I am now not sure what to do with it and it is taking up room, I would like it to go to good use. I am more than happy to supply further details, pictures, description or whatever is required.

LEW's Comment

This body tool is not for making a production type body. It will make a 'look alike' body or a 'Model'. Not sure of it's use to anyone in the real world, but nice to see.

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