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Clacton Hoon
1st February 2004
by Tony Argyrou

Nice easy lazy morning start other than having to refix the Valance again on my GT3 that just loves to work herself loose...Adam G was otherwise entertaining so went straight to Thurrock services, lovely run down the A10 and not a car in site, met up with Mark B, Nick, Robin and Andy B and then started the lovely A12 trek to Unity1's house in Clacton.

Some lovely open roads on the A12 and some good hooning had by all i even let my foot down a little further than usual to keep pace with the V8, only worrying moment was just before the Clacton turnoff when after having got stuff behind a people carrier and with a Saab making an effort to have a look at my tailpipes, the road opened up, Goodbye Saab hello constable, hopefully the noise of the Zorst made him drop his speed gun and the bloody spray i have on the the plates does its job all in all a great day.

Neil sorry i didn't get a chance to meet you with the rest of the boys, had to get home for the footie...there will be more chances i'm sure


There's always a copper and an Elise to spoil an Esprit party!!!!!


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