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Buntingford Classic Event
6th September 2003

Esprit owners Alan Tong (yellow S4s) was one of the organisers of the Buntingford Classic Event 2003, held on Buntingford High Street. Of course as an Esprit owner and a member of the Yahoo! list, we all got an invite to the show.


10 Esprit's turned up and was the largest group at the show. All bar one Esprit managed to line up at a prime spot on the high street.


A lot of interest was shown in the Esprit's with plenty of people having a nose. Few though they were Ferrari's, but we're all use to that. Most of the Esprit owners spent the day together chatting and enjoying the event.


One other Lotus made it on the High Street and one Elise spotted in the over fill carpark. Along with one poor Esprit (sorry Steve).


Other Vehicles at the Show

E-Types, MG's, American Classics, Motorbikes, Ferrari's and plenty more classics.


Deloran's in Town


LEW & the Ladies


Two unsuspecting ladies were encourage to pose by the most beautiful car at the show! One was easily persuaded, the other joined in, then follow by your author. Numbers were exchange, dates arranged, threesomes enjoy. Only ruined by the author waking from his dream!


The Esprit's have left the building


All ten Esprit left the show together down the High Street. Quite a sight, which was unfortunately difficult to capture on film (flash card). A very enjoyable day, with plenty of Esprit's. Well worth the free entry!


If you have any information or comment on this page. Feel free to e-mail at kato@lotusespritworld.com.

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