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British Race Festival
Zaandfort – Holland
6th October 2002, by Graham Elliot

The 6th October 2002 saw the 25th anniversary of Lotus Club Holland with hospitality at The British Race Festival, held at Zandfoort Race Circuit in Holland. It was great to see so many Lotus cars, both old and new and fun was had by everybody.

There were even old London Double Decker buses going round the circuit, mixing it with Esprits, Elan’s, Eclats, Elises, Exiges etc. There were 2 chances to take your car around the track for 4 laps each time, and many took the opportunity to show their driving skills, or not in some cases.


I decided that I better stay in the pits and watch this time around, maybe I will have a spin next year. It was fun to see an Esprit Turbo HC spin out of a corner after trying just a little to hard. Luckily the driver managed to control the spin and narrowly missed the Armco barrier buy a couple of inches before continuing on his way. Everyone was complaining of brake fade after a good thrashing, and the smell of burning brakes and crackling Turbos was immense when they returned.


Meeting so many other owners was great as they gave me a lot of advice and looking at their cars I managed to pick up one or two things that I would like to have done on mine. The best one was a secondary window seal around the doors, it fills in the gap between the doors and the roof panel and makes the whole side effect of the car much more pleasing. It is a cheap upgrade that Maarten of Van Sten Engineering is going to do for me soon. Naturally I will take some befor and after pictures when I have the work done.


The other thing I will be doing is to fit a Radar Detector, but instead of the window version that can be seen from outside I will opt as most do over here for the Bell Ventura Europa 966R. It is a secluded detector which you mount behind a front grill, with the signal box hidden under the dash or somewhere on the inside. This way it can be used in countries like France and Belgium where they are phrohibited. Since writing this article I have booked my Esprit in for a C service and a few other things at the same time on Monday the 4th November. I will be taking some more pics of the work done and at the same time hope to get some more information and pictures of the prototype Esprit that I mentioned in an earlier article.


One thing that I would like to know is about wheels, has anyone changed the wheels on a Turbo? I am trying to find out about replacements of a different size. The reason for this is so that I have a greater choice of tyres than just the Pirelli, which is the only one that I think is still made in the 235/60 x 15 size. In doing so I would like to lower the profile of the tyres as well, trying not to change the gearing at the same time. If anyone has any advice on this it would be much apprieciated.

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