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Produced & Directed by Alan Paterson

Like no other car before, the Lotus Esprit has the ability to entrance potential owners from a very young age. Once bitten, the bug remains with people throughout their lives until they buy one – or two – or maybe one for every day of the week.

The stunning beauty of this machine may first have been glimpsed in the Bond film‘ The Spy who Loved Me’ or in the showroom of a Lotus Dealer in 1976, but once seen never forgotten!

This film conveys the enthusiasm and love that owners have for Britain’s only real Supercar – and shows that these people are very human, with a heart and an addiction for life.

At an Esprit owners meet in Oxfordshire, we see 52 different Esprits arriving and meet Brian Angus, Group Lotus Esprit Platform Manager who gives a brief history of the car.

A fully restored white S1 Esprit is taken back to the Lotus factory to be reunited with Roger Becker, who was a stunt driver during the making of ‘The Spy who Loved Me’ and contributes his memories of the filming before taking the car for a thrilling blast round the Lotus test track.

Paul Godfrey takes his Esprit back to dealers, Bell & Colvill, where he discovers that it was their prototype Turbo car back in 1977 – the first of its kind in the world, long before Lotus produced the first official turbo car.

In the pursuit of greater performance, Dermot O’Hare has fitted every known modification to his S4 Esprit. Filmed in and around the dreaming spires of Oxford, we hear how he has recently had his engine rebuilt and how he has carried out ‘research’ into producing his own high octane fuel.

We see a magnificent collection of 7 Lotus Esprits, which includes one previously owned by Mark Thatcher and another from 1987 with only delivery miles on the clock.

Along the way, we meet the founder of LotusEspritWorld.com website and the new Chairman of Club Lotus.

Since the Esprit went out of production in 2004, a replacement has been on the drawing board at Lotus. Early concept designs are shown for the first time on DVD and we ask if any of them will be like the final production car. Will it be called the Esprit? Will it bring the same addiction for life to a new generation?

" A great watch, the time just flew by..."

" Feed the Addition...... watch the DVD then drive the Car!"

Esprit: Addiction for Life   
Running Time: 77 mins
Picture Format: COLOUR
PAL System 4:3 (Europe) NTSC System 4:3 (US)
Region Code: 0 ALL REGIONS
Sound Format: Dolby Digital 2.0
E: Exempt from Classification  


Trailer 1, Esprit: Addiction for Life (.mov 3.8mb) | Trailer 2, Esprit: Addiction for Life (.mov 2.35mb



If you enjoyed the Mandrill Esprit Documentary: Celebration of a Supercar, then this will be right up your street. As LEW was involved you won't see a bad review here - but take a look at the comments below, from people who've seen the film'.

We received a pre-production version for reviewing and enjoy the stories of Esprit owners combined with some great footage of Esprits. Also the professional way in which it's been put together. Unlike the Esprit Documentary, Addiction for Life has a narrator linking everything together for a more smooth approach.

This isn't about which model was made when, or how fast they go. This is about people like you, who own Esprits and have a passion for them. People you can relate to and, if in the UK, meet at various Esprit functions during the year. A true reflection of how the Esprit community has grown and will continue to grow with true enthusiasts keeping the Esprit alive.

We really did enjoy this DVD and if you have a love of the Esprit, you'll find this worthy of being in your DVD collection.

" Highly Recommended ***** "

Viewer’s Reactions

‘ Esprit-Addiction for Life’ portrays the Esprit legend in a graphic and entertaining form, allowing a wider audience to share the dreams of a few - leaving you with a yearning to get one of these super machines.

MJ Deans – Esprit owner wannabe

Everything you should know about owning the Esprit from the S1 to the V8" This DVD should carry a Warning - Esprit ownership is infectious! Real owners, real stories - the best documentation of the Lotus Esprit on the market today. At last - real information about the Esprit that you won't find in books‘ Esprit - Addition for life’ will bring out the 'Bond' in you! If you're an owner of a Lotus Esprit or think you want one, this is the DVD to watch.

Aidan Shutter- Esprit V8 owner‘

Esprit-Addiction for Life’ - All you really need to know about the car you’ve always wanted, but were afraid to ask. This is the real reason you need an Esprit, it’s a deep-seated childhood thing.

Peter Andrews - Esprit Turbo SE owner


Available on DVD only (PAL & NTSC).
Please State which format, or you'll be sent the standard for that country
+ £1 P&P (UK) + £4 P&P all overseas inc USA.


orders@lotusespritworld.com (see below)
Cheques (Sterling) made payable to "Lotus Esprit World" and posted to:

16 Prospect Place
Wapping Wall
United Kingdom

Customers can e-mail enquiries to: admin@lotusespritworld.com

Addiction for Life: Online Ordering
Please pay LEW £20.99 + p&p via paypal to orders@lotusespritworld.com (button below will take you straight there). Once the payment has been made and confirmed. LEW will then order your DVD and have the DVD shipped straight to your confirmed paypal address. There will be no extra charge for this online ordering.

There will also be NTSC versions available for US customers and PAL versions for Europe. All US address will get NTSC versions. If you wish to specify, please add a note to your paypal payment.

UK Orders £21.99
International orders £24.99



" In depth information for Esprit Addicts"
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