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US Version

This is the 25th anniversary car for the US market. These were the first two cars in the US that were immediately shipped to LA for the LA Auto show (along with 2 Elises and a Motorsports car). The photos were taken at Lotus Cars USA.

It appear the U.S. spec for the New 2002 V8 is a little different from the European spec. As you can see, the exhausts now exit centrally, with what looks like an Alumimum rear plate. Buyer of in last few UK & European Esprits were offered the US spec exhaust system. This can also be fitted to earlier Esprit as an aftermarket modifications.

Changes made to the final run of US Esprits.

The last 95 (unconfirmed) Esprits of the production line are heading for the United States. The final run have had a few modifications made to them. These will be the last Esprit's ever made. Below are the extra's over the final UK & European Esprits.

As you will notice from studying the pictures, the changes are all cosmetic beside the tire pressure system and the springs/dampers.


The tire pressure system looks very aftermarket (smarttire) and is not intergrated into the interior at all. Should be easily fitted to any Esprit. The alloy heater knobs (above left) aren't pre-drilled with the correct size holes for earlier Esprits. So drilling is required to retro fit.

Gear linkage is exactly the same as in the European "last edition" beside the new gear knob , this knob is machined to accommodate the reverse system in it , this means the knob alone makes the total height of the stick aprox. 1.5 cm lower . part nr. AO82F4206 (you'll need A082F4207F which is the small lotus badge from the top of it). Fits all Renault boxes. This gearknob will fit all Esprit variants with this type of lever. The only ones that cannot be updated are the very early cars with the old style lever..


The new mesh grille in stainless steel, notice the nicer fit around the towing hook. This is something a lot of owners have been doing to their Esprits. Maybe Lotus noticed.


Passenger airbag now comes with Lotus logo. They've also replaced the aircon knobs with alloy ones (another mod Esprit owners are doing). Door panels have been updated to match the seats.


The seats have also been modified, with a new pattern stitched in. Not a worthwhile mod in my humble opinion. Lotus have also modified the infill panel around the twin center exhaust (different holes).


The suspension is now adjustable in height and made by eibach who are a well respected suspension manufacturer. These can be easily fitted to all V8's. Part numbers :
Front springs - AO82C4257F - x2
Rear springs - AO82D4185F - x2
Front damper - AO82C4258F - x2
Rear damper - AO82D4186F - x2

The Engine also has a plate signed by the person who built it. Which is nice!

See more here:

Pictures and Text supplied by Denis (www.wheels.be)


Britain’s Great Supercar
In 2002, the Lotus Esprit reaches a milestone in its illustrious history. Unveiled in 1972 as a styling concept at the Turin Motorshow, the Esprit entered production in the mid 1970’s and today it is accepted as being one of the world’s finest supercars.

To celebrate 30 years of this performance car, Lotus has given the Esprit a facelift as Russell Carr, Chief of Design at Lotus explains:
"The Lotus Esprit is an iconic design, a classic blend of traditional supercar razor sharp edges combined with design elements that have evolved over three decades. Therefore we decided not to change the car dramatically for 2002 as this would be changing the true spirit of the Esprit, a classic supercar." The redesigned rear panel and light cluster, which features round rear lights set in pairs, carry over some of the new Elise design elements. The front of the Esprit has inherited the lip spoiler from the legendary Sport 350 ensuring greater stability at very high speeds.


Many subtle changes can also be seen in the interior too. The new high backed seats featuring an embossed Lotus logo are available in two tone leather and are a no cost option. A distinct aluminium theme features throughout the interior providing an elegant, technological, lightweight finish to the gear lever, handbrake sleeve, inner door panel and new inner door sill which also features the Lotus logo.


The new "crystal titanium" finish multi spoke OZ Racing alloy wheels hide powerful 4-pot calipers with an advanced Kelsey Hayes ABS system. Large 320mm diameter AP Racing two piece brake discs are vented and cross-drilled, front and rear, for maximum cooling and heat dissipation when the car is subjected to sustained heavy braking. The race specification calipers, pads and discs ensure that the Esprit stops as well as it goes.


The Esprit V8 is powered by the Lotus designed 3.5 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine producing 350 hp at 6,500 rpm with racing versions currently producing over 550 hp with very few changes from the standard road engine! The product of thoughtful design, the engine is efficient, compact and lightweight (weighing less than 220kg complete with all ancillaries). A wide torque band with peak of 400 Nm (295 ft.lb.) at 4,250 rpm assures an incredibly smooth power delivery and an effortless but rapid acceleration in all five gears.

For many, the Esprit is a car of both memories and dreams, From being James Bond’s versatile high performance transport in the 1970s and 1980s to maintaining the crown of Britain’s great supercar, the Esprit is really in a class of its own.

The 2002 Lotus Esprit is on sale from the beginning of December 2001 priced at £49,995 RRP in the UK and E69,890 (before tax) in mainland Europe.

Esprit Production Figures

Technical specifications


3.5 litre twin-turbo V8


Length: 4369 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Width: 1883 mm

Power: 260 Kw (350hp) @ 6500 rpm Unladen weight: 1380 kg
Torque: 400 Nm (295 ft.lb.) @ 4250 rpm Wheels: New multi spoke single-piece alloy wheels by OZ with unique logo
Compression Ratio: 8.8:1 Brake System:

Kelsey Hayes '430' three-channel ABS controller with tandem master cylinder and vacum servo assistance
AP racing Curved — Vane ventilated and cross-drilled discs, 320mm diameter two piece units, front and rear

Cooling System: Dual front-mounted oil coolers Exhaust:

Starter and main 3-way catalysts per bank, feeding into both ends of single transverse-mounted muffler, with one outlet each side



215mm dia. pull-actuated AP Racing twin plate, hydraulically operated

5-speed manual transaxle

Ratios: 1st: 3.364
2nd: 2.059
3rd: 1.381
5th: 0.756
Rev: 3.546
Final: 3.889
Top speed 175mph
0-60mph 4.8s
0-100km/h 4.9s
0-100mph 10.5s
0-160km/h 10.3s
Fuel Consumption:
mpg I/100km
14.12 20.0
30.34 9.3
21.24 13.3


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