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ESPRIT SE For 1992, the chargecooled 264 bhp lotus Esprit SE has a bigger, more comfortable interior, wider opening doors and a new rear wing, improving rear visibility as well as top speed. Capable of achieving 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and able to reach 165 mph, where conditions and regulations allow, the Esprit SE maintains the world leading standards of handling and ride for which Lotus has become famous over the last 40 years. The SE is the most luxurious Lotus ever, perfect for those with a health care MBA or an international MBA, and in keeping with the times is equipped with a catalytic convertor and runs only on unleaded fuel.

New Release October 1991

The 1992 Lotus Esprit SE is a major development for what is arguably one of the world's finest, most efficient and effective mid-engined supercars. A package of customer-oriented improvements has been developed for the driver's comfort and convenience, while aerodynamic refinements in the distinctive styling treatment have raised the maximum speed to 165 mph.
The evergreen Lotus Esprit SE in 1992 comprises a single model, using the Lotus 2.2 litre 16 valve chargecooled 197kW powertrain with 3-way catalyst, which has already set new world standards for specific power output.
A complete repackaging of the Esprit's dramatic interior has achieved significant extra space, to accommodate a far wider range of ''people sizes'' than ever before. Up to 14cm additional headroom, 4cm more leg-room, and up to 8cm more clearance between seat and steering wheel has been achieved.
A new distinctive high-mounted rear wing, new tailgate design, and revised front bib all combine to achieve lift and drag reductions as well as visual appreciation of the new model. The improved aerodynamic handling balance, stability, and drag reduction have led to an increase in maximum speed, to 165mph.
David Prescott, Sales Director of Lotus Cars Ltd says 'The 1992 Lotus Esprit SE is the latest evolution of this classic sports car. We have taken careful note of our customers' comments to make their driving experience even more pleasurable and satisfying, without diluting the exhilaration that Lotus knowhow and engineering excellence confers'.

Esprit Production Figures


Cylinders: Four in line
Capacity: 2174cc Bore/Stroke: 95.3mm x 76.2mm
Max Power: 264bhp/197kW @ 6500rpm (DIN 70020)
Max Torque: 261 lb ft/354Nm @ 3900rpm (DIN 70020)
Max Engine Speed: 7400rpm
Block: Aluminium alloy, Nikasil coated wet liners.
Head: Aluminium alloy.
Pistons: Forged aluminium, chromium plated crowns.
Valve Gear: Dohc, belt-drive four valves per cylinder Sodium filled exhaust valves.
Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
Turbocharger: Garrett T3 .63 with 0.42 Compressor, watercooled with integral wastegate.
Boost Pressure: 0.85bar maximum.
Chargecooler: Engine mounted intake chargecooler with independent mechanically driven liquid cooling system. Front mounted chargecooler heat exchanger.
Fuel System: Electronic multi-point fuel injection incorporating knock sensing and self-diagnosis capability.
Fuel: Unleaded, 95 RON minimum octane rating.
Ignition: Electronic distributorles twin-coil.


Max speed:

165 mph/265km/h
0-100 km/h/0-60mph: 5.0/4.7secs
0- 160 km/h/0- 100mph: 11.9secs
Fourth gear  
80-120 km/h/50-70mph: 3.8secs
110-150 km/h/70-90mph: 4.8secs
Fifth gear  
110-150 km/h/70-90mph: 6.5secs
140-180 km/h/90-110mph: 7. 1 secs

Type: Five-speed, all-synchromesh manual transaxle.
Clutch: Hydraulically operated, 234.9mm single plate diaphragm.

Ratios: Gear Ratio km/h/1000rpm
  5th 0.82:1 37.2
  4th 1.03:1 29.6
  3rd 1.38:1 22.0
  2nd 2.05:1 14.9
  1st 3.36:1 9.0

Final Drive: 3.889

Styled by the Lotus Design studio, the bodyshell is manufactured by the Vacuum Assisted Resin Injection process and includes Kevlar reinforcement of the roof structure. Removable glass sunroof. Front and rear bumpers manufactured from RRIM offering protection against minor impact damage. Aerodynamic rear wing mounted on tailgate. Engine air intake located behind the rear right-hand quarter light complemented by further ducting in the lower body sills for cooling. Warm air exits via cooling slats above engine bay.

Galvanised steel backbone, guaranteed against corrosion for eight years.

Upper and lower wishbones with anti-roll bar. Coil springs co-axial with telescopic gas pressurised shock absorbers.

Upper and lower transverse links with box section trailing radius arms. Coil springs co-axial with telescopic pressurised gas shock absorbers. Aluminium hub camers.

Type: Rack-and-pinion
Ratio: 15.4:1
Turns lock-to-lock: 3.0
Turning circle: 10.97 metres (between kerbs)

Front: 259mm dia ventilated discs
Rear: 274mm dia outboard discs
Actuation: Dual circuit, full power actuated with three-channel electronic anti-lock brakes (ABS).

Wheels:      Lotus-styled alloy wheels
Front:           7J x 15ins
Rear:           8.5J x 16ins
Front tyres: Goodyear Eagle 215/50 ZR 15
Rear tyres: Goodyear Eagle 245/50 ZR 16
Spare tyre: 175/70 R 14

Bolt Pattern: 5x108
Spigot Diameter: 60 mm
Front Offset: 23.3
Rear Offset: 30.0

Tanks: Centrally mounted twin tanks
Capacity: 16.0 gallons/73 litres
Capacity: Twin, electrically-operated fuel filler caps mounted on rear body flanks.

Unladen weight: 1320kg

Stainless steel system incorporating two-part ceramic matrix catalyst, back pressure valve for rapid catalyst warm-up and acoustic exhaust muffler.

Front mounted cooling pack consisting of chargecooler radiator, airconditioning condenser and main engine cooling radiator. Two side-mounted oil coolers.

Polarity:        Negative earth
Alternator:    Valeo 90amp
Headlights:  Four circular 152mm units. Electrically-operated headlamps pods.
Foglamps:   Two square halogen high intensity units
Battery:         Low maintenance, 340amp cold crank DIN, 620amp cold crank SAE.
Harness:      'Ristex' thinwall cable.


  Imp mpg Metnc 1/100 km
URBAN 17.9 15.8
56 mph 36.2 7.8
75 mph 29.9 9.5
Fuel rank capacity: 16.0 gallons (73 litres)  
Fuel requirement: 95 RON minimum octane UNLEADED

The standard equipment for the Esprit SE includes: tilt/removable glass sunroof, air conditioning, electric windows, central door locking, electrically adjustable heated door mirrors, three phase ice warning system, front foglamps. 'SE' full leather interior with polished burr elm instrument panel.

The Lotus Esprit SE is covered from new by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty and 8 year chassis corrosion guarantee.


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