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Release in 1995, the Esprit S4S fits between the 264bhp S4 and the Sport 300. The S4S is designed to drive like a 300 and ride like an S4. No increase from the standard cars 2.2 litres has been necessary to find the S4S's extra power; indeed neither was it the case with the Sport 300. Improved gas flow dynamics and enlarged inlet ports and valves are the main cylinder head modifications. A hybrid Garrett AiResearch T3/60 turbocharger and altered management programme endow the engine with even more torque over a wider spread. Of the 290lb ft maximum, 80% is ready to be unleashed by your right foot anywhere between 2500 and 6500rpm.

The S4S takes the 300's rear wing and wheel arch extentions and gains OZ split rim racing alloy with 245 and 285 section Michelin tyres. Big ventilated discs and calipers are now by Brembo and provide all the stopping power you need to haul in 300bhp.


S4s interior, two different trim levels where available, Luxury (centre) and Sports (right)

Esprit Production Figures


Location: Iongitudinally mid-mounted
Cylinders: four, in-line
Valve gear: dohc, four valves per cylinder
Turbocharger: Garrett T3 .63 with 0.60 Compressor, watercooled with integral wastegate.
Power: 300 bhp/7000rpm
Torque: 290 lb ft/3600 rpm
Fuel: unleaded, 95 RON

Type: five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive

Front: independent via double wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar
Rear: independent via transverse links and radius arms, coil springs
Wheels:OZ Racing light alloy, 8.5J x 17 front, 10Jx18 rear
Tyres: Michelin Pilot MXX3, 235/40 ZR17 front, 285/35 ZR18 rear

Front/rear: ventilated discs,ABS

Type: rack and pinion, power assisted

Wheelbase: 2420 mm
Overall length: 4414mm
Overall width: 1883mm
Overall height: 1150 mm
Kerb weight: 1460 kg
Fuel tank: 16 gallons
Unladen weight: 1325kg

0-60 mph: 4.6 sec
0-100 mph:11.4 sec

Government figures:
Urban: 18.8 mpg
56 mph: 34.5 mpg
75 mph: 27.4 mpg


UK Esprit S4s Wheel Refurbishment Advice

Basically I searched everywhere for a company that could refurbish the wheels and most importantly re-lacquer them, I found a company that can refurbish them, but they won't re-lacquer them as the process is very complex and if you don't get the amount of lacquer spot on it will crack. I've heard of people stripping the splits down themselves and undoing every single bolt and doing a DIY job, I talked to OZ in the US and they seriously advised against this as if you don't get it spot on the stresses passed thought the wheel can make it buckle under high speed cornering, definitely not a good idea.
Other option is to buy a new wheel at £500 a go.

So anyway after lots of research I ended up getting one front and one rear refurbished at a company called "Pristine" they did a great job and the wheels looked the nuts absolutely great, problem is they were not lacquered. So to keep them in good condition you need to wash them regularly and if your leaving it for a week or more you just need to spray some WD40 on them to keep them in good nick. If I had the problem over again I would do exactly them same and get them done without the lacquer.

I paid £110 + VAT per wheel to get the tyres taken off, wheel refurbished, tyre back on, new valve, and balanced. It took one week from dropping them off to getting them back.

Pristine Alloy Wheel Refurbishers Ltd
Newport Road
Woburn Sands
Milton Keynes
MK17 8UD
Tel: 01908 282628

Check out their web site for more info on process etc: www.britisha2z.net/pristine

Do not worry about them not being lacquered, look after them and keep them clean and they will be fine, but make sure if it it's left outside for more than a week you spray the wheels and if possible don't put them away dirty. Once you get them refurbished they will look like new and are the dogs bits, look very cool. BUT KEEP THEM CLEAN!!!!


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