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V8 Suspension Springs Spec
Info from Lotus on the V8 Springs

There was no change to Esprit V8 Springs during production except for the Final Edition (last 82 Cars) and the Limited Edition Esprit S350.

The V8 Entered Production with the following springs :-

Front A082C4247F
Rear A082D4173F

These Springs were used throughout production until the Final Edition cars (82 Cars built as 03/04 MY) which used the Bilstein Aluminium Dampers and associated Eibach Springs.

The Final Edition Springs were :-

Front A082C4257F
Rear A082D4185F

The Limited Edition Sport 350 had different Dampers & Springs.

The Springs were (for that damper only):-

Front A082C4256F
Rear A082D4180F

No change to the Ride Height was made to the car during production. The Ride Height remained at 170 Front & 164 Rear at Mid Laden.

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