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Esprit Jacking Points
Make sure you're lifting your Esprit in the right places!

Official Jacking Points

1. Four body jacking points are provided on the car; one just ahead of each of rear wheelarch, and one just behind each front wheelarch. Each of these jacking points is provided with a vertical locating tongue designed to engage with a trough in the vehicle wheel changing jack. Do not jack upder any other part of the body, or attached panels.

2. Jacking beneath the chassis may be carried out;

Front • beneath either side of the chassis main front crossmember, adjacent to the lower wishbone rear pivot points.
Rear • beneath the lower link inboard pivot points.

LEW's Axel points

A lot of work has been done on LEW's SE which has seen it off the ground quite a few times. LEW uses axle stands whenever working on the Esprit for safety. Using axle stands means you need to jack the car at one point and place the axle stands at another, leaving you extra points needed that can support the Esprit weight safely

Above are the Axel points LEW users to support the Esprit while work is carried out. The pictures below give you a better idea of how the Esprit is jacked with Axel Stands.


For the rear we jack from the centre point of the chassis (lowest point under the gearbox, pic below), which allows both Axel stands to be placed at the same time, raising the whole rear of the car. For the front we jack from the jacking point and then place the axel stands, one at a time.

If you're going to have the whole Esprit up on axle stands, then be careful doing the second pair as the car will move slightly on the first pair of stands as you jack the other end of the car. LEW recommends doing the front first, then the rear, as doing the rear from the centre will move the car less than lifting one corner at a time, as done with the front.


These points are what LEW users and aren't from Lotus. LEW has used this technique many times with no damage. Remember to jack off the chassis not the bodywork (unless using one of the four jacking points, do not use the jacking points on the bodywork for axel stands). The Esprit is made of plastic and damage could occur if you use the bodywork to jack on.

Remember this guide is there to help you, but we cannot be held responsible for anything you do. So please be careful.

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