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Fuel Cap

Fuel Cap Release
What if the electric release fails?

From 1989 onwards, the Esprit was fitted with an electric switch to open the fuel caps, replacing the cables of the previous model. This replaced the Giugiaro's old fashion (although still used today on many massive production vehicles) simple key in the cap. The guide is a simple instruction on how to open the caps if there's a switch and/or solenoid failure, which although very uncommon, could happen.

To open the fuel caps you need to pull the manual lever on the solenoid that releases the caps. To get at this you need to remove the access covers in the engine bay where the ECU and power steering tank is located.


Look down the channel past these fuel pipes and you can see the silver solenoid with a little cream plastic lever sticking up vertically. The lever is the manual contingency.


Below are digarms of the fuel cap and solenoid for all models MY89 onwards. Also the cables used in the early stevens Esprits.

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