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Esprit Aerial Service Bulletin

Esprit switch from exterior fitted aerials to interior fit in 1984

Basically, Esprits before mid '84 used a body moulded with an aerial recess accessible only from the exterior, demanding removal of the driver's door. Later cars were remodelled to allow access from the interior, although the space was still very restricted. All USA cars used interior fit.

Title: Electric Aerial Replacement
Date: 15.08.1984
Reason: Revised Specification

Action: All Esprit models are now fitted with 'A' post lower inner body panels moulded to permit radio aerial fitment from the car interior. All Federal Turbos are so equipped. Formerly it was necessary to remove the driver's door to allow aerial access via the 'A' post external aperture (exterior fit).

If it is necessary to replace an aerial on an exterior fit type car, then the same type aerial (A082M6149F) must be fitted due to the limited space available.

The recommended replacement for all interior fit type cars is A082M6271F (130mm from motor case to top of fixed tube), which is a larger and more durable assembly than A082M6149F (exterior type fitment) and has a shorter tube than A082M6237F (150mm from motor case to top of fixed tube)(used initially on LHD interior fit) to enable fitment on RHD and LHD models.

Note: Interior fit type bodies were introduced at the following VINs:

82/85 D 1759 (Domestic Turbo/S3)

82/85 A/E/G/H 0544 (ROW Turbo/S3)

All Federal Turbos are interior fit.

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