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Radar Detector Install

Installing a Radar Detector can be a tricky business, making the install look good is one thing that isn't easy. Having something stuck on your windscreen with rubber sucker, and wires handing down plugged into the fag lighter isn't exactly stylish. I'm here to show you how to do it properly (after messing it up a few times myself).

I have chosen the Valentine One Radar Detector. Being one of the best on the market and having the style to almost match the Esprit there wasn't any other choice. Retailing at around £529.99 in the UK it isn't cheap, but it could end up saving you a lot more if its beeps help to slow you around our GATSO friends.

Check out UK Speed Traps for information on Detectors and GATSO's, also reviews the new GPS Detectors. Well worth a look if you drive on British roads.



The kit includes the detector, bracket, and wires. The installation guide is pretty good, so I suggest you follow it carefully for the wiring on the detector. You'll need to remove the stereo to wire it in.


They supply a special clip to steal the power from the ignition live, which makes the whole install much easier. To work out how the wiring was going to route. I placed both the detector and extra control unit where I wanted them and then worked out how to run the wires (I later moved the control unit for a cleaner install).

Clear instructions from the makers on how to install.


I decided to route the wiring around the sunroof rubbers, so the wiring was hidden (mostly) from view. Getting the wire under the rubber is a bit of a pain, but do-able!

More clear instructions from the makers on how to install.


Once the wires are routed back to behind the stereo, it's just a case of plugging them into the power unit. The main detector doesn't stick out too much, as it's next to the rear view mirror.


I later decided to move the display unit to under the heater control, as it was originally stuck on top of the steering column (see above). To remove the storage hole under the heaters, requires just one screw to be removed. I was doing my iPod install at the time, so the gearstick had been removed. This isn't neccessary to do this install.


Once the pocket was out, I drilled a hole in the back of it to route the wire through. Then I took the unit apart and worked out where I could put a screw through, as I didn't want to stick it through the workings. A small hole was then drill in both the pocket and unit and screwed together. The wire was re-routed down below the stereo to feed into the pocket. Everything was then put back in place to give my interior a much cleaner look.

Beast Power Rearview Mirror

Beastpower now produce a Valentine One rear-view mirror for the Lotus Esprit V8 (photo above). This rearview mirror has the Valentine One Radar Dectector display built into it. It's not cheap, but then things never are. You can view product details at www.beastpower.com.

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