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Lotus Dustcaps

There's been a bit of talk lately about Lotus Dustcaps. Basically there are two types, the ones below are plain alloy dustcaps with a Lotus badge. You can also get the same type, but with a small grub screw to stop them from coming off. Firstly the grub screw ones aren't worth any extra cost in my opinion, because if left on during the winter the grub screws can seize causing a few headaches when you need to add some air. I've also heard of them still going missing from the wheels (probably due to light fingers). So go for the normal ones.

The main problem with these seems to be that they go missing! I put my set on on Saturday, by Thursday I'd lost one rear one. At £15 (includes p&p) a set, you don't really want to be replacing them every 5 minutes. They either work loose or are stolen, which is a pain. So for those not too lazy, the best way is to have a plain set for 90% of the time and replace them with the Lotus ones for shows, pictures or meetings. I'll probably go the 'keep replacing them' route, as I'm pretty lazy. I'll soon change if I lose too many! They defiantly look good, it just a case of keeping them on!

I'd also like to mention the amount of sets being sold on Ebay.co.uk. Quite a few sets are being sold at present, starting off a 75p. After a few days most of these sets are going for over the cost of buying them from a dealer and that doesn't include the post & package added after the auction. So just remember to check prices before buying anything Esprit related. You could get it cheaper!


This is going to be the easiest job you attempt on your Esprit. Should only take 2 minutes.

Parts supplied by:


You will need the following parts:

4 Lotus Dustcaps

You will need the following tools:

thumb and finger!


I got my dustcaps from Christopher Neils for £15.12 (including p&p). I ordered on the Friday morning and got them Saturday Morning. Impressive, but I'm sure they aren't that quick all the time. I was then the proud owner of 4 alloy dustcaps. Very nice!


Take the old ones off using your thumb and finger. Replace with new shiny Lotus ones. Easy!

LEW's Verdict

As I've said eariler, I've already lost one cap. So it all depends how difficult it is to keep a full set on the Esprit. Other than that, they look great and set the wheels off brilliantly. Not expensive and give a touch of class. Worth the effort if you can keep them all on!

New Lotus 'anti-theft' dust caps

Just got these new dust caps from Christopher Neil for only £10.50. After buying the non-theft ones a while ago, I managed to lose one of the rear ones in under a week. I have heard of other Esprit users who have used these and have still had the go-missing/stolen. Also heard that the grub screw can seize which can cause a lot of problems, sound like an 'Esprit Adventure' to me!

This mod was performed by kato on his 1992 SE

If you try this, feel free to e-mail me with your Verdict at kato@lotusespritworld.com

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