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Front Clear Indicator Conversion

For a clearer look, change the orange lenses for clear ones. This gives a cleaner look and suits the Esprit. This mod is easy to do and not too expensive. Doesn't make a massive difference to the Esprits appearance, but who'd want to do that anyway!

The new clear indicator lenses from www.reproglas.com/lotuseu.html

No idea where they get them made, but the markings on the lenses are identical to the original, just clear on both sides. I did find them
about 2mm larger though but they still fit just fine and rubber seal seems ok.


You will need the following parts:

Clear lenses
New bulbs

You will need the following tools:



Obviously removing the old ones is a simple case of just unscrewing and removing. Being clear, you will need to replace the existing bulb with an orange one, I got mine from www.performancebulbs.co.uk and the part number to get is "Silver Enigma R581 (Ring)" as you can see they have a bit of a blue tint to them. As it happens I also replaced the dipped, main and side lights with bulbs from the same site (parts are dipped (H4ux) main beam (H1ux) and side lights (rw801)) Very helpful guy there worth contacting if your looking for bulbs.

One thing to be careful of is as you insert the new bulb the bulb holder is likely to get pushed back and disappear inside the bumper cavity. Its just not securely held in place. This happened to me and then I had to spend 30 minutes of keyhole surgery removing the reflector moulding and attempting to re-insert the bulb holder into it.


When I came to do the second one I found it was actually easier to remove the lenses, undo the screws holding the reflector in place. Push the indicator bulb and holder out through the back of the reflector and then retrieve this and pull it right out the bumper. You can then replace the bulb more easily this way, outside of the bumper and also make sure it's securely fitted.

Lenses: www.reproglas.com/lotuseu.html
Bulbs: www.performancebulbs.co.uk

New lenses was: €96 inc shipping ( ~ £63)
Orange bulbs was: £16.48 inc shipping.

LEW's Verdict

Well for the Titanium coloured car I think it's a huge improvement – looks very smooth. I'm looking to source some clear side indicators now.

This mod was performed & supplied by Paul Carson on his 1998 V8-SE.

If you try this, feel free to e-mail us with your Verdict at admin@lotusespritworld.com

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