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Esprit CD Changer Installation

My Alpine 12-Disc CD Changer is installed in the front of my Esprit. It was already installed when I bought the car, so I can't give the full install details, only what I've seen.

First problem is the spare tyre cannot be removed without first removing the Changer. This can be done easily with a X-head screw driver (must remember to keep on in the car as the toolkit had gone missing when I purchased the car).

A piece of wood has been mounted alone side the spare wheel, this looks to have been glued in using some sort of wood glue. It is higher one side to keep the changer level. The changer is then simply scewed into the wood using 4 screws.

Removing the plastic covering, you can see where the cable was threaded into the interior of the car, with the Alpine model on one cable is needed, but with some other makes a power and earth cable is also needed.

This is as far as I've got, I will be investigating the interior to see where the cable comes out but so far this is low down on my list of things to do. I hope I've been of some help to those wanting to install a CD Changer in the front of their Lotus Esprit.


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