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Esprit Amplifier Installation

I chose an Alpine MRP-T406 Amplifier 90w x 2CH to run the rear speakers. This amp is quite small and slim, which will help in my chosen placement under the passenger's seat. Fitting an Amplifier into an Esprit is always a tricky job as the stereo is in the front and the battery is in the boot, and of course there's an engine to get passed in the middle. Whether you place the amp in the front or the rear, you still have to feed a cable passed the engine compartment, which is the difficult bit.

*Remember to disconnect the battery while working on the cars electric's* With the Amp under the passengers seat, the cabling is as follows;

Red = Power 
Black = Earth 
Blue = Switch
Green = Speaker
Purple = RCA Leads 

I ran both the power and earth cable from the battery as the Esprit has a problem earthing as the bodywork isn't made of steel. The cables run along the back of the boot and up towards the left hand side of the engine.
Remove the left hand side inner quarter light panel (be careful after removing the screws as the panel isn't easy to remove) and feed the cable down passed the bulkhead.

You may need to peel back the carpet to feed the wires through, which can be tricky not to rip the cloth. Both cable should come out near the rear speaker, you can then feed them under the passenger seat.


Remove the stereo and feed the RCA Leads down to the footwell. I used leads that include a power switch cable in between the Left & Right RCA Leads, this save feeding another cable through. The power switch cable turns the amp on when the ignition is turned on, this can be connect to a dedicated lead from the Stereo or to the Electric Aerial power-on lead. Speaker wire will also need to be fed from the amp to the stereo and connected to the speaker wires, or directly to the speakers (remember to connect the speaker wire to the wires connected to the speakers and not the the stereo).
Once all the cables have been routed through the car, they must be connected. Always connect the Earth last when working on a cars electric's.
Connecting the Amplifier up once keeping the cabling a tidy as possible. Test everything before fixing the Amplifier and hiding all the cabling
I use Velcro strips to attach the amp to the carpet, as drilling holes in the floor didn't appeal. Once the mats were replaced the install is completely hidden.

*Remember to disconnect the battery while working on the cars electric's*


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