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2002 Light Conversion
Get the latest (read last) lights for your pre 02 Esprit

I performed the tail light conversion on my 99 MY. I did all the work myself with the exception of painting the panel. My Esprit is happy with the results and so am I!

I got the kit from Lotus Prepared by Claudius for about $1,500 (USD). They persuaded me to go with the LED lights and it was the correct choice. These are "Professional Lotus People." It will required a few hours of fiberglass work to prepare the panel for paint. I have been doing fiberglass since my 1st Europa in 1973. So I was a bit anal about the fitment and pre-paint finish of the panel. Attention to detail before the painting will pay off in results.

I spent about 6 hours total working on closing gaps, filling pin holes, etc. This is not a difficult operation. If you can change your brake pads you can probably successfully perform this operation. Just take your time. First cover the bumper cap and areas surrounding your work area with masking tape or something to protect the painted surface. Once the Toyota lights and associated items are removed, you are ready start the conversion.


Note: If you are using the LED lights. Unplug the tail light assembly wiring harness inside the trunk, of your left side wheel arch. No cutting is required. Send the assembly to Claudius and they will modify the harness with plugs, and so the turn signals will function normally. This is because of the lower current requirement for LEDs. This is a one day turn around and is included in the purchase price.

Now, you will have to assembly the new end cap with the lights in place. Pictures on LPBC and LEW web site will give you an idea of how the initial removal (cutting) of the light pod area is required. I used a reciprocating saw and an air die grinder to detail the clearances. I prefer the die grinder because its easier to control.

Test fit the new end cap (with light in place), until you have proper fitment. Holes will have to be drilled (2 each) on the end cap and the car body for mounting. I used 6m x 25m, nuts, bolts and oversized washers. Holes for the number plate bolts will also have to be drilled in the end cap.

Mount the entire new end cap and insure the alignment and fittment is to your standards. Now, remove the new end cap from the car, remove the lights, and complete any final sanding etc. Take the end cap to your local paint expert so he can do his magic. It took 4 days and $200 (USD) to get my end cap back. The wiring harness came back 2 days before the end cap was ready.

Now the final assembly. You will have to use sealer along to top and bottom edges of the end cap and a little on the ends. I used a silicone sealer incase I ever have to take it apart someday. Mount and align the end cap. Also, mounting the number plate will press the end cap tight against the body in the middle area and facilitate the sealing process. Mount the lights, reconnect the wiring harness, and test everything.


I love the bright LED lights and I am very pleased with the overall results. For me it was worth it. No more Toyota tail lights!

This mod was performed & supplied by James Petrocik on his 1999 V8

Previous Info
These are 1 piece, bolt ons, that require NO OUTSIDE BODY WORK !!! (small cuts to the inside of the light pods are required)


(The piece from Lotus, DOES require cutting and outside body work). (3 piece sets, are still available). This means, that they are easy to put on, AND take off.


Price: $1,150.00 This includes Plinth, Tail lights and wiring harness. (Paint and badges NOT included)

You can get details, and make orders to: Lotus Prepared by Claudius

These lights are beautiful, and look factory.

Morland Jones Conversion

Here is a selection of photos of the V8 rear light conversion Morland Jones did for a LEW user Paul Colclough. All the parts used were Lotus supplied & not copies. Call for prices.


LEW's Verdict

We haven't be swung over to the new styled lights just yet, but these to look good from the pictures. We doubt you could tell the difference between them and the factory ones. Not seen them close up and can't say anything on the quality. A bit pricey for a cosmetic upgrade, but if you like the look, it looks worth a go!

If you try this, feel free to e-mail us with your Verdict at admin@lotusespritworld.com

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