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Receipt Forms

This pdf is to help you when you have decided on an Esprit to purchase and wish to place a deposit or have received a deposit on an Esprit you are selling.

Once you get the pdf file, run it out (using Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free — link below) and go over it before filling it in. There are 2 parts to each page, one for the Seller and one for the Purchaser. The first page is for a Deposit and the second a Receipt after the full price has been paid. Fill in both Deposit forms after a price has been agreed with each party signing both forms (any extras can be written on the back of both copies), then cut the form in two with you keeping one copy and the Seller/Purchaser keeping the other identical form.

When the deal is finalised, fill in the Receipt from the same as you did for the Deposit form, keeping one copy and giving the other to the Seller/Purchaser. This isn't a legal document, but having something written down and signed is better than a handshake and could stop any arguments over price. Remember if you make any changes to the form, make sure it is done on both forms and counter signed by each party.

Please fill in the form below and we will sent you the Receipt Forms as soon as possible. If you do not receive the form within 2 working days, please email me telling me to get my arse in gear. Also any feed back from people who have used the form would be helpful.

Payments to Lotus Esprit World

We've spend time and effort on this Receipt, and I'm sure you'll find it very useful when purchasing any Esprit. So we're asking you to pay a small some of money to help with the sites future development. We think £2 isn't too much to ask, considering the amount of money it could save you. We did make the payment optional, but after sending out over 400 checklist, only 5 people donated. So now all Receipts will be password protected. You'll need to pay before getting the password to open the pdf. Email admin@lotusespritworld.com once you have paid and we will email you the password. All payments will be used for the sites development. Remember if you're a ClubLEW member, they're FREE

See the Payments page for ways of paying.

Get it online here!


Order your Receipt here!

If you find anything missing from the form that you think may be of value, please contact LEW and we'll add it on. Also we would love to hear about your experiences of viewing, buying and using this form.

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